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Who are these Tyranny Fighters?
And who is Julian Heicklen?

For nearly three years these rights activists were heckled, harassed, hounded, arrested, abused, prosecuted and jailed -- and Julian himself was injected more than once with powerful antipsychotic drugs -- for committing the "crime" of peacefully distributing leaflets on public sidewalks to people who voluntarily accepted them.
"Originally, I went to the US District Court in Manhattan to inform juries of their rights. For me this is now the secondary issue. The primary issue has become freedom of speech. Jury nullification has become the vehicle to reclaim this right."--Julian Heicklen


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Save the Libertarian Party and keep educating Texans

Many non-political libertarians refuse to vote because it legitimizes The State. But the Libertarian Party is also an educational platform....

Psychopaths and Governments: The Grand Unified Theory of Statism

Thread comment 1: Just because someone likes "the state" doesn't mean they are a psychopath. Thread comment 2: How can someone support the state and not have some psychopathy buried deep in their value system?...


Is 'The Fountain' heading for a movie makeover?

When the last of the Atlas actioners Parts I, II and III Shrugged through Metroplex Cineplexes North Texans knew their Ayn Rand flicks fix was finished. Then rumors of a Fountainhead remake emerged...


No such thing as a 'Free Public Charter School'

People throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex have been mailbox-bombed by bright, shiny, slick, professionally produced oversized "post cards" that say "Free Public Charter School" (sic) and "servant leadership"...


Gregorian Libertarians and the Coercion Pill

Non-libertarians are people who may believe in many different things. Anti-libertarians are people who have swallowed the Coercion Pill...





(news & commentary)


The Other Panama Papers: Playing hide & seek with psychopaths

There's another side to the Panama Papers' exposé of government thugs hiding their stolen tax loot in offshore accounts: Honest citizens are also hiding their legitimate assets from the ruling thugs...


The Panama Papers: Global corruption-as-usual

The Panama Papers document how the world's most wealthy and powerful evade paying taxes on their stolen loot, much of it embezzled from their own national treasuries...



Voluntaryist comic book heroes are 'Shielding Assange'

The Voluntaryist comic book superheroes are back and this time they're "shielding Assange" from the government goons who want to punish him for telling the truth...


Vote outsider corporate person Goldman Sachs for President

Satire (?) Why shouldn't Goldman Sachs be president? Goldman Sachs is a (corporate) person, a natural born American, and best of all an "outsider." Goldman Sachs qualifies for the presidency in every way...


YAL pushes back at campus free speech haters

YAL has acquired the exclusive right to screen the film Can We Take a Joke? on college campuses, a documentary that challenges campus speech codes and pushes back against the perpetually offended ...


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Selected Salvos

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Loose Cannon Libertarian

As a longtime Libertarian Opinionizer I'm committed to the notion that life should be both fun and free. Each book contains a score of my earlier "fun&freedom" writings on libertarian political, social and cultural issues. Subjects as far afield as jury rights, the drug war, terrorist attacks, supreme court decisions, pot puffing and possibly the world's first book review review (yes, you read that right, a book review review) all serve as fit fodder for my cannon fusillades.


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"Garry Reed’s writing style is something bordering H.L. Mencken and Groucho Marx. His quick wit and colorful turn of a phrase gives the reader something to chuckle about while being informed." - Robert A. McKeown, The Blue Collar Economist


"Definitely someone to be learned from if you’re a libertarian interested in honing your writing skills." - Henry Moore, The Libertarian liquidationist


"Salvos is stimulating, amusing, and engaging." - David Lloyd Sutton, San Francisco Book Review


"Mr. Reed has a fun style and breathes new life into the subject of Libertarian Politics and Philosophy." - Andrew Curtiss, Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner


"...manages to sound a bit like Harry Browne at times." - Matthew Reece, Charlotte Libertarian Philosophy Examiner


"His pieces combine a good dose of skilled writing combined with man-on-the-street demeanor." - Brian Patrick, Free-Market.Net





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