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And He's Been Doing It With Fun&Freedom!


Volume I in a New Series: Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian

by Garry Reed, Libertarian Opinionizer


Reed has been a prolific writer of libertarian news and commentary at his Libertarian News Examiner and Dallas Libertarian Examiner online columns since 2008.


But before that he wrote under his own nameplate, "The Loose Cannon Libertarian."


Now Reed has gone back into his old Loose Cannon archives and reactivated 20 of his best articles from 2001 and 2002, bound them together in small, inexpensive, quick-read paperback and ePub editions for Volume I of what will become an ongoing series.


It turns out Reed was ahead of his time.


In "Government Chaos" Reed exposed the emerging police state long before it became a part of today's common household parlance.


Before the dust had settled after the 9/11 attacks Reed was already rebuking the Bush Boys in articles like "Heeling Our Leaders" for their lame claim that the Jihadi Jetjackers attacked us because "they hate us for our freedoms."


Other nascent national infections Reed warned us about at the time included the toxic contamination of new anti-terrorism laws ("USA PATRIOT Games"), the metastasizing tumor that is the War on Drugs ("The DrugTerrorMedia War"), and the need for jury nullification as a last ditch inoculation against the disease of big government ("Jury Neutering").


All written in his signature style of "Fun& Freedom" in which FREEDOM is always the message but FUN is always the method.


Asked how he could write humorously about the 9/11 attacks Reed answered, "I didn't. My humor is embedded in the writing style, not in the subject matter."


"It takes a fair degree of talent to address esoteric sociopolitical issues in a way that is informative, humorous and has broad appeal. Garry Reed manages this feat with considerable dexterity throughout his writings."  Brian Patrick, Editor, Free-Market.Net "Freedom Page of the Week," November 2002.


"As a reader you can expect a wide gamut of subjects from Scrooge McDuck Capitalism to Politically Correct Barbie Dolls. All of the content is articulate, candid and on point." Andrew Curtiss, Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner, March 2014.


Volume I in a New Series: Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian

by Garry Reed, Libertarian Opinionizer




Author's Book Page:

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What's inside this book?

Scrooge McDuck Capitalism

Everything you ever needed to know about economics.


Government Chaos

A rebuttal to those who whine "If it wasn't for government we'd have nothing but chaos."


Libertarianism for Dummies

An early attempt at explaining libertarianism to non-libertarians ... and to libertarians ... and to the author himself.


Heeling Our Leaders

Note that "heeling" is spelled like teaching a dog to obey.


Collateral Damage and Roosting Chickens

A libertarian-eye-view of the real terrorists of 9/11/2001


Smoke a Joint, Feed a Baby?

You'd be surprised how this works out in a free society.


And many more articles like those...


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There is only one real conspiracy. Are you part of it?

Forget all of the mainstream conspiracy theories. It's completely irrelevant whether The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, illuminati, Masons, Knights Templar or Zionists are secretly manipulating all evil in the world...



Book review review: Obama the libertarian

Linda Greene wrote a review in The Bloomington Alternative dated April 21, 2012 of Hopeless, a book of 55 essays about President Obama. But she virtually ignores 54 of those essays and lasers in on one, "Obama the Deregulationist..."



Globalists of the world Unite!

For those who haven't been watching, as of August 22, 2013 the American branch of the New World Order has its own Champion of Statism, a political party dedicated to One World Rule...



Oxymoronese and 'Free Public Schools'

It's one thing to intentionally speak in oxymoronics for the sake of humor or irony, but some people speak Oxymoronese as though it's an actual language...



Just who are these 'libertine libertarians?'

J. Matt Barber who writes a blog called Godfather Politics is one of those people who wants to restrict everyone's choices to his own duopolistic worldview...


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Your work keeps getting better and better.  Keep it up!

This writer, Garry Reed, is a prolific Libertarian who has taught me so much. He is an analytical thinker and a sparky writer.

I love your stuff.  Please keep writing.

Your articles are an inspiration. I am so glad you find the time to write them, I will always find the time to read them.

Thanks for the great reporting. I am a lifetime registered Republican. I am very angry with all the politicians. I have voted republican all my life, but things are really changing now. The more I read your articles and listen to the media, the more I think I'm a Libertarian. I also consider myself a Conservative and an Independent.

Damn you, Garry! I'm too busy as it is, and now I have to stop and read your posts whenever they show up, because they are just that good. Hopefully lots of people who aren't already members of the choir are reading these too!




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