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What David Lloyd Sutton called a "deliciously irreverent collection" of insightful articles in his review for the San Francisco Book Review proves that political, social and cultural opinionizing can be both fun-provoking and thought-provoking at once.


Want to understand economics? Don't study Keynes or Hayek, study Scrooge McDuck. Want to know how government causes rather than curbs chaos? Don't ask your officious office-holder, ask your neighbor. Want to know how nanny state political correctness really works? Don't research the past, research the future. Want to read a book review review? (That's not a typo). Don't read those cranky conventional critics, read a Reed Review. Want to understand the real meaning of "bipartisans?" Don't consult your dictionary, consult Selected Salvos: "If we Democrats and Republicans work together to divvy up taxpayer booty we can both buy partisans."


This is "Fun&Freedom" stuff stuffed into twenty articles and a mere 76 pages for some quick reads, quick insights and quick laughs.




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Libertarian speaker confirmed for Dallas pot march

The Ft. Worth Marijuana March held in May was so successful, so fun, so exciting that the organizers decided to go next door and stage the 2014 Dallas Marijuana March on Saturday, October 18...



Libertarians occupy University of North Texas for a day

The annual Students for Liberty (SFL) Dallas Regional Conference that brought in over 140 pro-liberty students last year returns to the University of North Texas in Denton on Saturday, October 18, 2014...



Libertarian 'Ed Shows Up' Colliver wants you to show up too

Ed Colliver is the Libertarian Party of Texas candidate for US House, District 12 that includes all of Wise County and parts of Parker and Tarrant. A campaign newsletter received from "Friends of Edward Colliver" begins this way: "Ask any local Libertarian about Ed Colliver and they'll all say the same thing, 'Ed Shows Up...'



Evidence shows this anti-libertarian fails his own criteria

David Robert Grimes who wrote in The Guardian that libertarian ideology "is the natural enemy of science" fails his own litmus test; he can't tell ideology from science or either from "evidence..."


Honoring Julian Heicklen on Jury Rights Day 2014

Everyone who believes in true justice and not just the imposition of whatever various governments have decided they want "The Law" to be should know when Jury Rights Day is and what it's all about...




(news & commentary)


Exclusive media sneak peek: Voluntaryists Vs Zombies comic

The latest Superhero Adventure Comic Book from Jaime Sherman and his creative crew of colorists, inkers, letterers, artists, caricaturists and storyboarders was launched upon the public late Thursday, October 9, 2014...



The Athletes Formerly Known as R-word

Ebola is a breakout epidemic in West Africa. ISIS is a breakout war in the Middle East. But here in the USA there is an even bigger crisis. America's capital city is represented by a National Football League team that is so politically incorrect that none dare speak its name...



Kokesh 'Freedom! Fund' gets tax deductible status for growing freedom

Adam Kokesh announced Tuesday, September 30, 2014, "We have just been granted 501(c)3 status for The FREEDOM! Fund by the IRS and all contributions to American Campfire Freedom Tour will be tax-deductible...."



Has Ann Coulter's brain been water-boarded?

Two articles in Punk Rock Libertarian, when considered together, raise an interesting question. First is Ann Coulter's threat to libertarians laughable, disgusting, terroristic, pick one quoted from her recent column concerning the 2014 elections...



How real libertarians guarantee everyone's incomes

The Cato Institute recently offered a 3,209 word essay titled "The Pragmatic Libertarian Case for a Basic Income Guarantee" via its Cato Unbound website. It describes how "libertarians" can scramble onto the European socialist bandwagon called BIG...


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Your work keeps getting better and better.  Keep it up!

This writer, Garry Reed, is a prolific Libertarian who has taught me so much. He is an analytical thinker and a sparky writer.

I love your stuff.  Please keep writing.

Your articles are an inspiration. I am so glad you find the time to write them, I will always find the time to read them.

Thanks for the great reporting. I am a lifetime registered Republican. I am very angry with all the politicians. I have voted republican all my life, but things are really changing now. The more I read your articles and listen to the media, the more I think I'm a Libertarian. I also consider myself a Conservative and an Independent.

Damn you, Garry! I'm too busy as it is, and now I have to stop and read your posts whenever they show up, because they are just that good. Hopefully lots of people who aren't already members of the choir are reading these too!




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